Sony VAIO Z Series

Sony has definitely enlighten the day with the announcement of new VAIO Z and Y Series notebooks. Cramping latest computer technologies into a very compact and neat body is what VAIO was originally at from the day one. So they stuck to it. The top spec VAIO Z117 has an Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost feature, plenty of system memory and Quad SSD. However even this – the most hardcore model – seems to lack some of the features we are looking forward in all of the latest VAIO-level notebooks: USB 3.0 and discrete DirectX 11 graphics. Let’s see then what Sony has prepared. Sony VAIO Z and Y Series specs after the jump.

Even the least equipped VPCZ115GG features an Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost powerhouse, big and fast HDD and DDR3 video memory. That said however, no USB 3.0 or DirectX 11. Clearly, Z series is more than just “go to work, get back home” notebook. A media fun house - yes, a decent gaming machine – yes. Mind you that we don’t know how much Z Series models will cost when they appear on shelves, so if they happen to be priced respectively, I guess we could go easier on them.